Early Risers, Worthington
Serving the Children of the World

Early Risers Kiwanis

Worthington, MN


May 2016 Newsletter




               Club Calendar                                     Board of Directors      

May 5th     Meeting at Prairie Elementary-9:00 a.m.  President:  Loreena Luetgers

May 12th    Board Meeting at 6:15 a.m.                      President-Elect:   Roger Johnson

May 26th   Committee Meetings at 6:15 a.m.               Past President:  Joanne Carlson

                                                                           Vice Pres./Program:  Loreena Luetgers

                                                                           Secretary:    Nancy Hofstee

                                                                                             Treasurer:   Clair Williams        

                                                                           Board (2016):  Jeanene Townswick

                                                                           Board (2017):  Leanne Meyer

                                                                           Board (2018):  Cheryl Avenel-Navara






               Birthdays:                                            Anniversaries:  

May 18th           Jeanene Townswick

May 21st              Cheryl Avenel-Navara                                      

May 25th             Karla Kirkeby





                        Program                                                                    Greeter/Invocation


May 5th               Priscilla Williams     K-Kids at Prairie Elementary                 Maynard Townswick

May 12th             Don Brands                                      TBA                           Paul Vander Kooi

May 19th             Gary Brandt                      Thrivent Financial                            

                                             Genell E. Hollahan & Twyla Henning                Clair Williams

May 26th             Pat Bretzman                   Ken VerSteeg

                                              Director of Community Blood Bank                Priscilla Williams

June 2nd              Dale Carlson                                   TBA                           Cheryl Avenel-Navara

June 9th               Rick Dalrymple                               TBA                            Galen Benton

June 16th             Verne Correll                                   TBA                           Sherry Benton

June 23rd             Joanne Carlson       Bryan Hagen - International Vitamins       Don Brands

June 30th             Daryl Doeden                                  TBA                          Gary Brandt



Perfect Attendance for April:

Dale Carlson – Roger Johnson – Al Ritter – Maynard Townswick – Jeanene Townswick

(The members requesting perfect attendance)


Early Risers Worthington:           www.worthingtonearlyriserskiwanis.org

Minnesota Dakotas District:       www.mndak-kiwanis.org

Kiwanis International:                  www.kiwanis.org  


Minnesota Dakotas District


Governor:  Kent Hochgraber                                                           Division 6

Immediate-Past Governor:  Sherry Scudder               Lieutenant Governor:  James Bock

Governor-Elect:  Peter Larson                                   Imm.-Past Lieutenant Governor: Dennis Hier

Secretary/Treasurer:  Stephen Handegaard                Lieutenant Governor-Elect:  open position


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“Do you know”. . . . .                                        


Just the facts .  .  .  


Each year, Kiwanis clubs:

  • Sponsor nearly 150,000 service projects
  • Raise more than US$100 million
  • Devote more than 18.5 million hours to service

Kiwanis Statistics:

  • Kiwanis members are 198,902 in 7,333 clubs in 85 nations 
  • Aktion members are 12,978 in 517 clubs in 10 nations
  • Circle K International members are 13,564 in 459 clubs in 13 nations
  • Associate members are 90,006 (graduated Key Club and CKI alumni)
  • Key Club members are 271, 923 in 5,183 clubs in 37 nations
  • Builders Club members are 45,090 in 1,503 clubs in 18 nations
  • K-Kids members are 37,320 in 1,244 clubs in 8 nations


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Kiwanis “Kwikee”

            Six of the “Top Ten Reasons to Join Kiwanis” by Stewart Ross

10. Learn about your community and beyond through weekly programs.

9.   Make new friends and develop new relationships.

8.   Become a part of a global organization that does great things for those who need our help.

7.   Do service with a team…not by yourself

6.   Develop leadership skills that can aid you in your career and beyond.

5.   Visit Kiwanis clubs throughout the country and the world.

4.    Experience that wonderful feeling from helping others.

3.   Be a part of a positive atmosphere no matter how negative things get around you day to day.

     (more to follow next month)


Brainy Quote:  “Be yourself; everyone else is taken.”  Oscar Wilde

Inspirational Quote:   “Strive not to be a success, but rather be of value.”   Albert Einstein