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Worthington, MN

February 2016 Newsletter


Club Calendar                                                                Board of Directors                                     

Feb. 4th   Board Meeting at 6:15 a.m.                       President:   Sherry Benton

Feb. 16th QWIK Awards                                          President-Elect:   Roger Johnson

Feb. 25th Committee Meetings at 6:15 a.m.               Past President:  Joanne Carlson

                                                                          Vice Pres./Program:  Loreena Luetgers

Feb. 12th President Lincoln’s Birthday                        Secretary:    Nancy Hofstee

                     (see attached)                                           Treasurer:   Clair Williams        

                                                                            Board (2016):  Jeanene Townswick

                                                                            Board (2017):  Leanne Meyer

                                                                             Board (2018):  Cheryl Avenel-Navara

               Birthdays:                                            Anniversaries:                                

Feb. 8th   Maynard Townswick                                 Feb. 26th Verne & Valeria Correll

Feb. 10th Sharon Robinson                                        

Feb. 22nd Arnold Meyer

                 Program                                                                                 Greeter/Invocation                   

Feb. 4th Arnold Meyer         Nobles County Community Corrections            Daryl Doeden

                                  “Thinking for a Change” – Jon Ramlo, Director

Feb. 11th  Leanne Meyer          REMAX Premier Realty                            Nancy Hofstee

                                         Sarah Hayenga & Genny Turner

Feb. 18th  Al Ritter               Salvation Army – Wally Scholten                 Roger Johnson

Feb. 25th  Richard Robinson        Great Life – Cory Pelzel                        James Krapf

Mar. 3rd   Sharon Robinson      Dist. 518  - “Autism” - Deb Stoll                Dennis Luetgers

Mar. 10th  Paul Schilling                          TBA                                      Loreena Luetgers

Mar. 17th  Jeanene Townswick                  TBA                                      Arnold Meyer

Mar. 24th  Maynard Townswick                  TBA                                     Leanne Meyer

Mar. 31st   Clair Williams                           TBA                                    Allan Ritter


Perfect Attendance for December:

Dale Carlson – Roger Johnson – Al Ritter – Maynard Townswick – Jeanene Townswick

(The members requesting perfect attendance)


Minnesota Dakotas District


Governor:  Kent Hochgraber                                              Division 6

Immediate-Past Governor:  Sherry Scudder             Lieutenant Governor:  James Bock

Governor-Elect:  Peter Larson                                 Imm.-Past Lieutenant Governor: Dennis Hier

Secretary/Treasurer:  Stephen Handegaard              Lieutenant Governor-Elect:  Michael Tobin


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“Do you know”. . . . .      




The I Plan is Kiwanis International’s strategic plan which is divided into four parts.

The Formula is the Membership part of The I Plan.


~ “Love it” addresses the unique reasons why we became members and asks members to talk about Kiwanis with others.  The “Love It” concept also applies to clubs that need resources to address challenges and opportunities to ensure the club experience is the best possible, for them to love their club.

~ “Share it” is when members love their clubs, they spread the word about their club by word-of-mouth communications and person-to-person invitations to club meetings and functions.  

~ “Live it” is serving others, showing others that committed, passionate individuals have a heart for children and can make an impact.  This strengthens clubs, and subsequently, increases opportunities for incredible community service. 


Kiwanis Districts have Club Counselors to help clubs and many resources on www.kiwanis.org


Kiwanis “Kwikee”

            Four of the “Top Ten Reasons to Join Kiwanis” by Stewart Ross

10. Learn about your community and beyond through weekly programs.

9.   Make new friends and develop new relationships.

8.   Become a part of a global organization that does great things for those who need our help.

7.   Do service with a team…not by yourself

6.   Develop leadership skills that can aid you in your career and beyond.

     (more to follow next month)

Brainy Quote:

“For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous times at parties that it's time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward.” ~ Erma Bombeck


Inspirational Quote:

“Kindness is the language the deaf can hear and the blind can see” ~ Mark Twain


page 2


The Dark Side of Greatness
by Charles R. Swindoll


"There lies the most perfect ruler of men the world has ever seen . . . [and] now he belongs to the ages."

Of whom was this said?

One of the Caesars? No. Napoleon? No. Alexander the Great? No. Eisenhower? Patton? MacArthur . . . or some earlier military strategist like Grant or Lee or Pershing? No, none of the above. How about Rockne or Lombardi? No. Or Luther? Calvin? Knox? Wesley? Spurgeon? Again, the answer is no.

Well, it was no doubt said of a great leader, a powerful and persuasive personality, was it not? Certainly one admired for his success. That depends, I suppose.

When he was 7 years old, his family was forced out of their home because of a legal technicality. He had to work to help support them.

At age 9, while still a backward, shy little boy, his mother died.

At 22, he lost his job as a store clerk. He wanted to go to law school, but his education was not good enough.

At 23, he went into debt to become a partner in a small store. Three years later his business partner died, leaving him a huge debt that took years to repay.

At 28, after developing a romantic relationship with a young lady for four years, he asked her to marry him. She said no. An earlier youthful love he shared with a lovely girl ended in heartache at her death.

At 37, on his third try, he was finally elected to Congress. Two years later he ran again and failed to be reelected. I should add it was about this time he had what some today would call a nervous breakdown.

At 41, adding additional heartache to an already unhappy marriage, his 4-year-old son died.

The next year he was rejected for Land Officer.

At 45, he ran for the Senate again and lost.

Two years later, he was defeated for nomination for Vice President.

At 49, he ran for the Senate again . . . and lost again.

Add to this an endless barrage of criticism, misunderstanding, ugly and false rumors, and deep periods of depression and you realize it's no wonder he was snubbed by his peers and despised by multitudes, hardly the envy of his day.

At 51, however, he was elected President of the United States . . . but his second term in office was cut short by his assassination. As he lay dying in a little rooming house across from the place where he was shot, a former detractor (Edwin Stanton) spoke the fitting tribute I quoted at the top of this devotional. By now you know it was spoken of the most inspirational and highly regarded president in American history. Abraham Lincoln.

What a strange lot we are! Enamored with the dazzling lights, the fickle applause of the public, the splash of success, we seldom trace the lines that led to that flimsy and fleeting pinnacle. Bitter hardship. Unfair and undeserved abuses. Loneliness and loss. Humiliating failures. Debilitating disappointments. Agony beyond comprehension suffered in the valley and crevices of the climb from bottom to top.

How shortsighted! Instead of accepting the fact that no one deserves the right to lead without first persevering through pain and heartache and failure, we resent those intruders. We treat them as enemies, not friends. We forget that the marks of greatness are not delivered in a paper sack by capricious gods. They are not hurriedly stuck onto skin like a tattoo.

No, those who are really worth following have paid their dues. They have come through the furnace melted, beaten, reshaped, and tempered. To use the words of the teacher from Tarsus, they bear in their bodies "the brand-marks of Jesus" (Galatians 6:17). Or, as one paraphrases it, they carry "the scars of the whippings and wounds" which link them to all mankind.

Small wonder when such people move from time to eternity they "belong to the ages."


Excerpt taken from Growing Strong in the Seasons of Life, Copyright © 1983, 1994, 2007 by Charles R. Swindoll, Inc. All rights reserved worldwide. Used by arrangement with Zondervan Publishing House..