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Early Risers Kiwanis

Worthington, MN


September 2016 Newsletter




               Club Calendar                                                                       Board of Directors                       

Sept. 1st     Board Meeting at 6:15 a.m.                        President:  Dale Carlson

                                                                             President-Elect:   Roger Johnson

Sept. 29th  Committee Meetings at 6:15 a.m.                Past President:  Joanne Carlson

                   Lt. Gov.-Elect:  Dee Emmerich                 Vice Pres./Program:  Loreena Luetgers

                    2016-17 Club Officer Installation                 Secretary:    Nancy Hofstee

Sept. 30th End of 2015-16 Kiwanis year                            Treasurer:   Clair Williams        

                                                                             Board (2016):  Jeanene Townswick

                                                                              Board (2017):  Leanne Meyer

                                                                              Board (2018):  Cheryl Avenel-Navara






               Birthdays:                                             Anniversaries:  

Sept. 3rd   Pat Bretzman                                                   Sept. 24th Daryl Doeden


                        Program                                                                     Greeter/Invocation


Sept. 1st             Allan Ritter             Al Ritter – Cancer journey                 Roger Johnson   

Sept. 8th                Rich Robinson                   Boys Scouts                         Karla Kirkeby

Sept. 15th              Sharon Robinson              Paul Langseth                       James Krapf

Sept. 22nd             Paul Schilling          Mark Koster – Hazardous Waste       Dennis Luetgers

Sept. 29th              Jeanene Townswick         Dan Livdahl, Administrator       Loreena Luetgers

                                                      Okabena Ocheda Watershed District                      


Oct. 6th                 Maynard Townswick                 TBA                              Arnold Meyer

Oct. 13th                Paul Vander Kooi                    TBA                               Leanne Meyer

Oct. 20th                Clair Williams                        TBA                               Allan Ritter

Oct. 27th                Priscilla Williams                    TBA                               Paul Schilling


Perfect Attendance for August:

Dale Carlson – Roger Johnson – Al Ritter – Maynard Townswick – Jeanene Townswick

(The members requesting perfect attendance)



Early Risers Worthington:             www.worthingtonearlyriserskiwanis.org

Minnesota Dakotas District:          www.mndak-kiwanis.org

Kiwanis International:                  www.kiwanis.org  




Minnesota Dakotas District


Governor:  Kent Hochgraber                                                             Division 6

Immediate-Past Governor:  Sherry Scudder                   Lieutenant Governor:  James Bock

Governor-Elect:  Peter Larson                                   Imm.-Past Lieutenant Governor: Dennis Hier

Secretary/Treasurer:  Stephen Handegaard                  Lieutenant Governor-Elect:  open position



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“Do you know”. . . . .


Traditional and not: No two Kiwanis clubs look exactly the same. Each member’s and community’s needs are different, and each club should look different. Some clubs are very traditional, with weekly meetings and a strong sense of history. Other clubs don’t meet at all, and instead hold meetings online and only come together for service projects. Newer clubs may follow the 3-2-1 concept: 3 hours of service, 2 hours of social activity and a 1-hour meeting each month. Clubs should reflect their communities and their members and should work to meet their needs. Flexibility is key to a successful club.


Fellowship and fun: Kiwanis members don’t just do service—they have fun. Members make new friends by being part of a club where they attend meetings and participate in social events. Kiwanis clubs also provide excellent networking opportunities for professionals. Members meet new people from all over their region and the world through service projects, fundraising and by attending district and Kiwanis International Conventions


Question:  How was your Kiwanis experience this past year?  Did you learn?  Did you grow in service?  Did you have fun and enjoy your time?  Did you make new friends? 


Brainy Quote:

"Sometimes knowing when something is not working and pivoting to something new leads to our greatest opportunities and successes."  ~ Kristina Saffran


Inspirational Quote:  

“Remember who you are.  Be who you are.”  ~ Joan Steffend