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April 2016 Newsletter




               Club Calendar                                                    Board of Directors      

Apr. 7th     Board Meeting at 6:15 a.m.                    President:   Sherry Benton

Apr. 14th  K-Kids                                                 President-Elect:   Roger Johnson

Apr. 21st   Kiwanis Grocery Dash Drawing                Past President:  Joanne Carlson

Apr. 25th Kiwanis Grocery Dash Event                     Vice Pres./Program:  Loreena Luetgers

Apr.  28th Committee Meetings at 6:15 a.m.             Secretary:    Nancy Hofstee

                                                                                           Treasurer:   Clair Williams        

Selling Tickets @ Fareway:                                  Board (2016):  Jeanene Townswick

 Apr. 1st & 2nd;   7th – 9th; 14th – 16th                   Board (2017):  Leanne Meyer

         10:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.                               Board (2018):  Cheryl Avenel-Navara






               Birthdays:                                            Anniversaries:  

Apr. 12th   Verne Correll              

Apr. 19th    Joanne Carlson                                               

Apr. 23rd    Richard Robinson

Apr. 25th    Dennis Luetgers                                                                    




                        Program                                                                                     Greeter/Invocation


Apr. 7th      Sherry Benton             Larry & Lee Lucht-Viet Nam              Richard Robinson

Apr. 14th     Cheryl Avenel-Navara   Cecelia Bofah, Community Health     Sharon Robinson

Apr. 21st       Paul Vander Kooi                           TBA                           Paul Schilling

Apr. 28th      Clair Williams              Brian Nielsen - Marina                   Jeanene Townswick


May 5th         Priscilla Williams     K-Kids –Prairie Elementary                   Maynard Townswick

May 12th       Don Brands                                  TBA                             Paul Vander Kooi

May 19th       Gary Brandt                                  TBA                            Clair Williams

May 26th       Pat Bretzman                                TBA                             Priscilla Williams




Perfect Attendance for March:

Dale Carlson – Roger Johnson – Al Ritter – Maynard Townswick – Jeanene Townswick

(The members requesting perfect attendance)



Early Risers Worthington:           www.worthingtonearlyriserskiwanis.org

Minnesota Dakotas District:       www.mndak-kiwanis.org

Kiwanis International:                  www.kiwanis.org  



Minnesota Dakotas District


Governor:  Kent Hochgraber                                                         Division 6

Immediate-Past Governor:  Sherry Scudder              Lieutenant Governor:  James Bock

Governor-Elect:  Peter Larson                                  Imm.-Past Lieutenant Governor: Dennis Hier

Secretary/Treasurer:  Stephen Handegaard               Lieutenant Governor-Elect:  open position


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“Do you know”. . . . .                                        


Our current Vision Partners:

landscape structures

Landscape Structures Inc. has been creating innovative playground equipment since 1971. Think of the impact your club could have in your community constructing a playground as a signature project. Ask your members if giving children a place to play is the right project for your club. See Kiwanis playgrounds and find a local representative at playlsi.com.


Nickelodeon’s The Big Help campaign puts kids into action to do something about issues communities face. Kiwanis clubs are encouraged to work with their SLPs on projects like Worldwide Day of Play—when the network goes black and kids are encouraged to head outdoors and help their community. Learn what your club can do to engage at nick.com/thebighelp.

      U.S. Army - a Kiwanis International Vision Partner

The U.S. Army partnership is based on a foundation of shared values. Engaging in local opportunities, U.S. Army personnel connect with Kiwanis family members and provide access to local battalion support and resources. Contact your local battalion to invite soldiers to speak at a club meeting, take part in service projects and become Kiwanis members. www.goarmy.com.


Kiwanis “Kwikee”

            Six of the “Top Ten Reasons to Join Kiwanis” by Stewart Ross

10. Learn about your community and beyond through weekly programs.

9.   Make new friends and develop new relationships.

8.   Become a part of a global organization that does great things for those who need our help.

7.   Do service with a team…not by yourself

6.   Develop leadership skills that can aid you in your career and beyond.

5.   Visit Kiwanis clubs throughout the country and the world.

4.    Experience that wonderful feeling from helping others.

     (more to follow next month)


Brainy Quote:    “Some people are so afraid to die that they never begin to live.”  ~ Henry Van Dyke


Inspirational Quote:

            “If we did all the things we are capable of, we would literally astound ourselves.”  ~ Thomas A. Edison